Natural Cancer cure-Rice bran extract from Japan


Natural Cancer cure

Rice bran extract from Japan

japan-mapIn my many investigations involving cancer cures I traveled to visit the Tsuno Foods & Rice Company of Wakayama, Japan (near Osaka). This company sends trucks to rice processing plants in Japan to pick up rice husks. From rice bran, Tsuno Foods extracts many useful nutrients such as inositol used in baby formulas, tocotrienols used in dietary supplements, ferulic acid, a natural sunscreen agent, rice bran oil (which has twice the antioxidants as virgin olive oil), and inositol hexaphosphate (called IP6), which is nature’s most potent iron chelator.

ip6-2A few years ago Tsuno Foods & Rice Company sponsored a worldwide symposium on the role of IP6 rice bran extract and cancer. Researchers from around the world attended and extolled its potential as a cure for cancer. [Anticancer Research 19:3633—808, 1999] Efforts by Tsuno Foods & Rice Company to educate the world about the potential anti-cancer properties of IP6 rice bran extract have been ignored by cancer treatment specialists.

fumiMeanwhile, the Japanese people who labor at Tsuno Foods & Rice Company in Wakayama, like most Japanese, are not given to boasting. They labor dutifully without fanfare for the miraculous molecules they have extracted from rice bran. Tsuno Foods, founded in 1947 by Masaji Tsuno, is now managed by his daughter, Fumi Tsuno, an exception in the male-dominated Asian business world. They must wonder why world cancer therapists and researchers have not continued to explore the use of IP6 for cancer prevention and therapy.

About 70% of the IP6 made by Tsuno Foods and Rice Company of Wakayama, Japan, is available to chelate (attach) to iron (as well as heavy metals), which are primary growth factors for tumors. IP6 as an extract from rice bran is a far more effective anti-cancer agent than rice bran or bran cereal alone. [Vucenik I, Nutrition Cancer 28: 7—13, 1997]

The safety record of IP6 is long standing. First, it is a normal dietary component and is found in every living cell of the body. Second, extensive studies have been conducted to confirm the lack of toxicity of IP6. In 1987 phytic acid researcher Ernst Graf reported that only 4 of 22 chelating agents studied, including IP6, block hydroxyl radical production. Only phytic acid IP6 was found to be economical, nontoxic, and effective. [Graf E, Journal Biological Chemistry 262: 11647—50, 1987]

Does it work? Case reports

Since writing a book about iron and IP6 (The Iron Time Bomb), numerous reports of dramatic cancer remissions involving this dietary supplement have been received. Some of them notably stand out.

An 80-year old man with terminal liver cancer took IP6 for a few weeks prior to a scheduled rescue procedure where an anti-tumor drug was to be injected directly into the liver. A cat scan performed just prior to the procedure revealed the liver tumor was completely necrotic — the tumor was a ball of dead cells.

A middle-aged woman whose husband worked for a prominent member of Congress, who had stage 4 breast cancer, experienced a rapid and complete remission following the consumption of IP6.

At age 70, a man was diagnosed with lung cancer. Radiologists had missed a lung tumor the size of a golf ball in an earlier x-ray. A year later it was the size of a softball. Chemotherapy reduced the tumor by 75 percent. In 1999 the man began taking IP6. By 2004 the lung tumor had completely disappeared, which was confirmed by bronchoscopy and x-ray.

A man with recurrent bladder tumors submitted to surgical removal in 1999, 2000 and 2001. He then embarked upon the use of IP6 as a dietary supplement and has not experienced a return of bladder tumors in 38 months.

IP6 rice bran extract, made by Tsuno Foods of Wakayama, Japan, is available under different brand names as a dietary supplement in health food stores throughout the USA. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) only makes brief mention of IP6 as “a substance found in many foods that come from plants, including corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans, and in large amounts in cereals and legumes. It is being studied in the prevention of cancer.” According to the website, there are no current or planned human clinical studies of IP6.

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