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blepharitisA note from Paul Biddick, the webmaster of this site

Dry-eyes and blepharitis is something that I have experienced personally so for those of you who are reading this, I know first hand what you are going through and how bad this condition can get and in severe cases how much it can ruin your life, not to mention that no-stranger wants to be near you when your eyelids are half closed and highly inflamed and with sticky stuff oozing out  and in my case the white of my eye-ball was red to. But anyway that’s almost enough about my story, if you wish to read more on how I used red grapes to cure my-self from blepharitis,   the link is here

blepharitis-2I received this email regarding red grapes and blepth from a person who contacts me from time to time.

7/8/ 2013

He Paul,

I wanted to let you know that it’s already going really well with my bleph. When I wake up I don’t have to clean my eyes anymore. It’s great! I will keep on eating grapes every day for at least 1 month. I still have dry eyes because of airco at work and working on a pc. So i will also start with the other things. Thanks so much for putting this tip online!



The following is a compilation of information and links that I have come across from different web-sites, it will save you many hours of research on your quest for a cure.

But before you start reading these testimonials and cures from various people there is something that I would like to point out to you regarding the use of lubricating eye drops and that is this: If you have to use these drops, make sure you are using the non preservative variety, as the eye-drops that contain preservatives in them will irritate your eye and make your condition much worse. That little piece of information came from a eye specialist that charged me close to a hundred dollars in consultation fee.

I know that you came here looking for a cure so i am not going to hold you up much longer, I am going to assume that you already know the symptoms of blepharitis but just in case I will list most of them here.

Blepharitis Symptoms
Symptoms and signs of blepharitis consist of::

Eyes are watery​
Eyes are red​, Sensations in the eye of grittiness and burning​, Eyelids look greasy, Itchy eyelids​,   Swollen red eyelids​, Skin around the eyes is flaking​, On awakening crusted eyelashes​, Light sensitivity​, Eyelashes that abnormally grow or misdirected​, Eyelash loss.

I will just add here that there is a very good website for dry-eye and blepharitis the site does not directly offer a cure but it concentrates on food allergies and other types of allergies as a possible cause of dry-eye / blepharitis, the theory being if you can find out what food or other allergy  is causing your dry eye condition, then eliminate the food allergy and possibly your dry eye will go away.

Link to web-site:


If you are suffering from dry-eye only and you don’t think that you have an underlying condiction that could be causing it, there is a possible cause that know-one even thinks about and that is Aspartame.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in many of the so called sugar-free soft-drinks/sodas, also goes by the name of (NUTRASWEET, Spoonful and Equal)  (Additive #951) and there are other brands, I read recently that the name Aspartame has been changed,

Beware – Aspartame Has Been Renamed ‘AminoSweet ‘And is now being marketed as a ‘natural’ sweetener!  

To see how how Aspartame may be seriously causing your dry-eye condition, (click here) web-site opens in a new window.

Dry eye can occur in climates with dry air, as well as with the use of some drugs, including antihistamines, nasal decongestants, tranquilizers, and anti-depressant drugs. People with dry eye should let their health care providers know all the medications they are taking, since some of them may intensify dry eye symptoms.


The following and long  compilation of cures (under) for dry-eye only, or for dry-eye / blepharitis  is in no particular order I have copied and pasted the information below in the order that I came across them.

After you have read what is below, and if you still need more information come back here and read part two , which is another  long  compilation of cures and testimonials.


11/13/2012 05:13 PM What cured my blepharitis

I suffered from Blepharitis for all my life (23 years) struggling to keep it under control though my teenage years. I tried everything from Doxy (being a teenager I wasn’t eating right so of course it made me very sick) to major hygiene daily and nothing helped.
I was told it would never go away, but it has by fluke!

I brought a latex pillow (expensive but amazingly comfortable)and pure cotton pillow slip a year ago that seemed to improve it greatly.

But the thing that hit the nail on the head was when I had thrush and used a product called Canesten (embarrassing but I want to give other people a chance at a better life). I must have had a bit of residue on my hands after I washed them, the next week my blepharitis was gone. I have been 6 months free of it, no sign that I ever had it. People can look into my eyes, and not at them!

I hope this helps someone out there you are not alone, and I know how you all feel. It has been life changing seeing my full eyelashes, no redness and I am finally able to wear makeup without fear of flare ups.

Good luck

how I solved my blepharitis
8 August 2009 at 17:50PM
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I had meibomitis or blepharitis (not very noticeable)My doctor told me to clean my eye lids each night with baby shampoo but my eyes were irritated always.. my poor eyes. Then I got the courage to stop cleaning them.. and the episodes of blepharitis (a dot of grease? that appear in my eyelid when I ate too much grease and I was exposed to the dust or dirt)were less often. By then I was taking 2 pills of omega3 a day and my eyelids were greasy (for the omega 3 intake) and I had a diagnostication of an infection of clamidia and I solved the the STD and the episodes of the blepharitis appeared less often .. like one a year or so .. and when that happened I avoided to eat much grease I mean any kind of it, specially the grease which is hydrogenated so I only eat chocolate of real cacao (not cheap versions of it) and when that happened to me I had a glass of alcohol and then somehow the blepharitis dot disappeared.. My case was related with too much intake of grease.

This 2 months I have been taking almost 0 alcohol but I always (as always) have my salads, 2 pieces of wheat bread in the day, etc but what I also added is a clove of garlic in the night, yes a sandwich of garlic and cheese or whatever.

I also avoid to use too much eyeliners or mascara over my eyelashes, etc.

And since 2 years also, I mean after the blepharitis appeared I am not a bulimic any more and maybe this also made a change.

I guess doctors have to be more sensitive , one or 2 told me that I had to learn to live with that and didn’t discourage me to use make up for the eyes when I had the episodes of blepharitis.. so be careful with doctors and try the natural healings because is very likely that blepharitis or meibomitis occur when you are eating something not natural, doing something unnatural (bulimics provoke a disorder in their metabolism), eating bad fats (read the ingredients before eating), use of too much make up (and the eye liner is the worst of them as it can provoke blepharitis), or have an underlying infection with whom your body is already fighting, or you are too blue and stress can do \"wonders\" in the body creatig illness of different kind, so be positive! You are going to overcome it, don’t have a doubt about it!!!!

Write your case in a paper, write what you eat, you do, when it happened, what was the temperature like, how much alcohol you had, when you had an episode of blepharitis, what triggers it for you. I have a notebook like this too and it was useful.


Blepharitis cure

Do a google search for blepharitis + “castor oil” – the latter cleared my husband’s blepharitis in 11 days – with noticeable improvement after 4 days.
Worth a try.
Good luck
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A man who spent eight years searching for a cure for a chronic eye condition was amazed when he finally found the remedy in a 99p jar of Tesco Value honey.
Frank Dougan, 62, lost his left eye when he was shot with a bow and arrow in a childhood accident and he later developed a painful infection called blepharitis.
Read more:
About 3 weeks ago, I started taking Turmeric (450 mg – twice a day) and I have not had a bad dry eye day since! [Source]

Natural Treatment Options For Blepharitis

Red Clover- This is a powerful anti inflammatory herb that is very effective when taken internally. It reduces the redness and pain that is experienced by individuals who are suffering from this condition. Tablets, capsules and liquid extracts are easily available and can be used by adults. For children, it should be given only after getting a doctor’s approval.

Turmeric- This is a well researched spice and its anti bacterial chemicals can contain the spread of the staphylococcus infection and accelerate healing. Fresh or dry turmeric can be purchased for regular use. If you opt for supplements, take 500 mg two to three times a day to gain maximum health benefits of turmeric. Do not attempt to apply this to the eye as it will result in severe burning, making the condition worse.

Euphrasia- Commonly known as eyebright, this herb has been used to manage many eye disorders traditionally. The leaves, stem and the flowers are parts that are used either to make a cold compress or a herbal tea. It is good to reduce swelling and pain, since it has natural antiseptic agents. An eyewash can be prepared by boiling the dry herb in clean water, followed by cooling and straining. It needs to be used twice daily. Even though it is very effective, it is not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women due to insufficient scientific data and safety studies.

Cat’s Claw- It also has inflammation reducing properties that are helpful when used regularly. Additionally, this herb contains many antioxidants that boost the immune system and provide much needed resistance to further bacterial infections. 500 mg of the extracts, three times a day is recommended to be used by herbalists till signs of improvement are seen.

Use the above inflammation fighting herbs to manage blepharitis and prevent it from recurring. It is advised to talk your health care provider before beginning this treatment.




I was also diagnosed with Belph 2 years ago, it is such an awful thing to have and nobody really understands except other sufferers! I have had the worst eye infections and also in the past year have had 3 cycsts on my eyelids removed. I have been very down for a long time and lost alot of confidence, if people were going for drinks after work I would always make an excuse because my eyes looked so bad, very hard as I am only 28!

I decided that I was not going to get down but research and try every possible solution that I could find. I have no faith in doctors and I have been just given steroids and chemicals at every opportunity. The good news in my eyes are so clear and and symptoms are under control. I will give you a run down of what I use and what has worke best! And believe me when I tell you I have tried everything and this is what worked

I eat lot and lots of fruit and veg, vitamin C is good for restoring veins in the body, red grapes the skin is a good anti-oxidant for the eyes. Flax seed oil capsules, again helps with curculation of the eye.

General Cleaning:

On amazon they have an eye bad, so useful just pop in the microwave for 30 seconds then relax. Aftet the steaming massage the eye lids for about 20 seconds and this should looser the debris. Now for cleaning, I use Nivea gentl wash gel and put a tiny bit on my finder and with your eyes closed gently magse the lids once again. Use a cotton pad with warm water to rinse away. You can also use Neutrogena soap just as long as it has no perfume. With Belph you will have dry eye so I use lumecare eye gel.

My eyes are so clear and really feel like I am getting back to my old self again! It has been hard work but don’t give up! Any doctor I have went to has given me all the wrong advice so if this helps even one person I will be very happy!


Hi to all,

I had blepharitis for a while with all that symptoms – and I found a solution for me
and hopefully does for even one of you:

I use a lotion of collodial silver which is a natural antibiotic. I put it in my eye every
morning and evening and some times only on the lids during the day – and all
symptoms dissapeard within some few days !! Couldn’t believe it first but now after
a week it really seems to work for me.

Try it – you can get it in the pharamacies I suppose (I’m from Austria and my
colleague makes it by herself) and let me know about your experiences.

Dry Eye Patient


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Eat Red Grapes!
I have MGD/ Posterior Blepharitis. I’ve tried just about everything. During the past 5-6 weeks I have eaten 20 red grapes in the morning and 20 red grapes in the evening. Over the first weeks I noticed slight improvement, then after week 4, a transition happened that I have been waiting for… I had oil flowing out of my eyelids. My eyes didn’t hurt anymore. The pain in my upper eyelids was gone. I continue my warm compresses, oils and lid massaging as usual. But now instead of having 70% improvement, I have 95% improvement. I stopped the grapes for a few days and my discomfort slowly returned after 5-6 days. I went back on the grapes and my eyes feel great! I’m curious to hear any other stories of MGD sufferers eating grapes or taking supplements containing NAC or resveratrol.

I should create my own vineyard :-)
i can help you with Blepharitis!!
hey, ive had my Blepharitis for 6 years.. i got it in grade 3.

Advocate this thread is very good!!

– The writing in blue is my story,… you can skip past it to read what i know can help.

i first started using Golden eye ointment which was fantastic and helped me so much!! but a year later they took it off the market due to it containing mercury
(i know alot of you guys would remember that!)

Then a chemist introduced me to Lid care, but that only helped clean my eyes as it was mainly for conjunctivitis and it also took so bloody long to use.

then another doctor suggested baby shampoo to help clean my eyes, which was really helpful but unstable to use as it made my eyes extremely red.
Now i know how embarrassing and really annoying it is to walk in town or work or school with everyone looking at your sore red eyes & ask why do u have so much sleep under your eyes? and why are they red?

After all these years ive finally found a product that is extremely helpful and it makes you look like you never had Blepharitis!!

its a simple cream called DermAid. its actually for red rashes but some how its blocked my blepharitis away, ever since i started using it (a couple of weeks ago) Ive been so happy and i cant express how freaking awesome this stuff is. my eyes aren’t actually red, they are actually clear white!!!!

i think its because this stuff has Hydro cortisone in it (really powerful chemical) and the best thing is that u don’t need to pay loads (it was $8 at my local chemist) and you don’t need a prescription for it!!!

Recurring blepharitis is also linked to food allergies, lupus and acne (ironically, the acne drug Accutane can cause this condition). Occasionally, infectious blepharitis is due to fungi like Candida albicans or Aspergillus fumigatus (a distinguishing feature is granulomas, small nodules common in fungal infections, but not bacterial ones). Blepharitis can even have a viral cause (usually herpes simplex), so a careful diagnosis is an important part of any healing plan.

You have already experienced how stubbornly blepharitis resists treatment. And most doctors only know how to control symptoms with regular eyebaths (often with harsh agents such as baby shampoo), keeping the head and facial hair clean and dandruff-free, and using antibiotic ointments such as bacitracin or erythromycin, sometimes with a course of oral antibiotics (both of which can eventually contribute to resistant organisms). Sometimes, topical steroids are prescribed, but these are not always effective and their prolonged use may result in irreparable eye damage.

Your problem is most likely due to an infection, and all of us carry the staphylococci commonly implicated all the time. If it has prevailed, it‘s because your ability to fight it off is impaired. So, if you have an underlying immune problem like lupus, acne or a yeast infection, this needs to be addressed first.

Calendula, chamomile, eyebright and comfrey are traditionally used to treat eye inflammation. A compress made from a decoction of eyebright can give rapid relief from the redness, swelling and visual disturbances with acute and subacute eye infections (Weiss RF, Herbal Medicine, Gothenburg, Sweden: Ab Arcanum, 1988). Traditional herbal texts recommend using 15 g of dried herb in 500 mL (16 oz) of water, boiled for 10 minutes. Eyebright can also be taken as a tea along with its use externally.

Both goldenseal and Oregon grape root contain antibacterial berberine, though success with these herbs is anecdotal. Berberine extract in eyedrops has been studied for eye infections such as trachoma (Ind J Ophthalmol, 1982; 30: 69-75; Ind J Med Res, 1982; 76 [Suppl]: 83-8; Ind J Med Res, 1976; 64: 1160-7) and generally found to work, albeit slowly. For blepharitis, you might consider wiping your eyes several times a day with a thoroughly strained decoction or dilute tincture of berberine as well as ingesting it as a tea or tincture.

When using herbs as an eyewash or soak, it is crucial that the preparation is sterile. Making the brew fresh each time and throwing away any excess is best. And be patient – herbal remedies may take months to work.

There is also some evidence that honey, such as good-quality manuka honey, which has a broad antibacterial action, can be applied to the eyelid as you would an ointment. In a study of 102 patients with a range of eye infections including blepharitis, improvement was seen in 85 per cent of cases (Bull Islam Med, 1982; 2: 422-5).

When using herbs as an eyewash or soak, it is crucial that the preparation is sterile. Making the brew fresh each time and throwing away any excess is best. And be patient – herbal remedies may take months to work.

Artificial tears can help with the discomfort, but read the label and buy those that are preservative-free. This is important since a commonly used preservative in artificial tears, benzalkonium chloride, has been shown to cause damage to the cornea (Am J Ophthalmol, 1988; 105: 670-3; Ophthalmology, 1992; 99: 873-8).
Both humans and animals can develop this swelling, dogs/cats



Fructose intolerance/sensitivity cause of my MGD!
I have found the cause of my MGD/Blepharitis at last!
I have suffered with this problem for almost 5 years, since I was 16 years old. I am now almost 21 years old, and i have finally found that what is causing my MGD and inflammation and dry eye problems is a food sensitivity/intolerance to FRUCTOSE!

I had always figured that sugar exacerbated the problem, but I didn’t know for sure, until a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago I took a Food Intolerance/sensitivity test from ALCAT Laboratories. They can test you for up to 200 foods, and how sensitive your body is to the foods tested. I had a test done for 150 foods, which uncovered or verified my sensitivity to Fructose sugar. alot of foods have fructose in them, including: High fructose corn syrup(almost every processed food contains this), table sugar(because it is 50% glucose and 50% fructose), all fruits, some vegetables such as beets, carrots, etc.

when I look back to when all these eye problems started, I was 16 years old, working at a fast food franchise, they gave us as many fountain drinks as we wanted free, I drank soda everyday, which contains alot of High fructose corn syrup, I think that is how my body became sensitive or intolerant to it.

Anyway, if I completely avoid everything with fructose (it is a very constricting diet, because almost all processed foods contain high fructose corn syrup) all my symptoms of MGD/Blepharitis clear up, and my eyes feel great! all the inflammation in my eyelids vanishes. I was tested to have no reaction to gluten or casein in milk, so that’s good.

anyway, I found the ALCAT test after watching Channel 5 news, they talked about it on the news, it is an advanced testing, it is a blood test, it tests how sensitive certain foods are to your white blood cells. oh yeah I forgot to say, that food allergies are different than food intolerances or sensitivity. food intolerance and sensitivity is a delayed reaction in your body, it could appeare several days or hours after consuming a food or substance that you are intolerant to, food intolerances cause inflammation in the body.

Well, I hope this information is useful to any of you.
Source: and more info:!


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Re: Blepharitis: Chronic Inflammation [Stys & Flakes] of the Eyelids
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2008, 08:08:41 AM »
We’re all different, so maybe those things HB posted will work for your husband. Personally, I’ve done a serious yeast cleanse, healthy fats, etc. But, the eyelids are still bad. I’m thinking it could possibly be allergies, though. Food allergies are in my family, so maybe that’s the cause.

One other thought–I’ve also noticed my eyes bother me more when I’ve had aspartame. Like, on a trip, when we drink more junky diet soda. I posted an article I found about an aspartame experiment on rats. The pictures are not pretty, but one of the big results was eye problems. So, I’m thinking if I must drink it, regular sodas or other types of drinks would be the lesser of the two evils.

So, maybe reducing the artificial sweeteners would be another thing to try…
Greetings Friends of Bio-Alternatives,
Some time back we received this email from a well educated Colloidal Silver user and we thought it would be nice to share this information with our readers.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

When I first read about colloidal silver, I purchased a small quantity to see if it might help me with a chronic blepharitis condition that four 6-week courses of prescription antibiotics had failed to cure. I tried it, spraying it directly into each eye twice a day, and the blepharitis disappeared within three days.
I also had a chronic cough that I’d assumed was from my cigar smoking, which had developed years before, but I suspected that it might’ve been due to a lung infection, so I used the sprayer like an inhaler, inhaling the spray as I would an asthma inhaler, and found that it cleared up my chronic cough within two days.
I subsequently realized that both conditions might be associated with a chronic sinus infection, with the sinus infection causing both the blepharitis and a post-nasal drip that’d led to the cough, so I used a nasal decongestant spray to dry the sinuses and sprayed the colloidal silver up both nostrils, three times per day for four days, and that, too, cleared up.
I tried it on my chronic athlete’s feet problem, which I’d had on and off for years, and that, too, cleared up almost immediately.
It having worked on problems I’d long given up on curing, I decided to try it on my back, which usually had a few pimples which I’d considered just a routine part of being a guy, and those, too, cleared up.
About then I developed an abscessed tooth. My aversion to dentists prompted me to try colloidal silver to treat the infection, recognizing that it was a long- shot. It’s effect was immediate, but it did take quite a bit more than I’d used previously and it took a couple of weeks before the infection went away completely. Still, an abscessed tooth is ordinarily so difficult to treat with ordinary antibiotics that doctors/dentists don’t even attempt it without surgery/root canals to first drain the abscess.
So far, it’s worked on everything I’ve tried it on. I’ve given small samples to three of my closest friends, and have recommended it to everyone in my immediate family for their chronic problems.
I also suggested to a doctor-friend of mine that colloidal silver be used to pretreat Foley catheters, which are normally associated with a high rate (~40%) of bladder infections, only to find that a company is already marketing “nanosilver-impregnated” catheters for this same application with good results.
I’ve developed a theory on how it works. All pathogens need to bind to the surface of a cell to penetrate the cell membrane, which is accomplished with enzymes which dissolve the cell membrane. Recently published research shows that silver particles of the size in colloidal silver bind to the processes which the HIV virus use to breach the cell membrane, preventing the HIV virus from breaching the cell membrane. (Think of what happens when dust sticks to the sticky side of tape, it prevents the tape from sticking.) I believe that this is how colloidal silver works against such a broad spectrum of pathogens (bacterial, viral, fungal, et al.).
I’m hoping that researchers will test colloidal silver’s effectiveness against anthrax and ebola and other potential plague pathogens. My bet is that it will be effective against those as well as the more common ailments already identified.
Best regards,
Wm. Carter Elliott
(former Director of R&D for two biomedical companies)

Source and more info:


An unexpected natural cure for dry eyes!

07/10/2009 07:45 AM
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I would like everyone with dry eyes to try this and let me know if it works for you as well.
Basic background – I am a 62 year young female battling Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2006. Have been taking antibiotics (minocycline then doxycycline) and am pretty much in complete remission. The RA was caused by a leaky gut. The leaky gut was caused by Giardia (only recently diagnosed based on scar tissue formations left behind). My gastroenterologist had put me on mega doses of probiotics, and told me that because the gut had been stripped and attacked, and because I was on antibiotics which also tend to strip the gut, and because the gut loses valuable good bacteria every time in our lives that we take any medications or birth control or hormone pills, by the time you reach my age, you need the probiotics anyhow. So for the rest of my life, I take a couple Trader Joe’s brand “Acidophilus and Probiotics” plus as much as possible eat a serving of Activia, DanActive , and some regular (natural brand, Mountain High) yogurt every day.

I wear gas permeable contacts….have worn the hard lenses since I was 16. I noticed right around the time I was experiencing the problem which we later found out to be giardia, that removing my contacts at nite was difficult. My eyes were too dry. I had to use drops to lubricate the eyes for a few minutes before I could remove the contacts. This problem persisted for over two years. Then I started on the probiotics, and like magic, the eye problem went away. It took me a while to recognize this. Now I find that as long as I take my probiotics and acidophilus pills at dinnertime every day, the contacts can be removed easily. If I only eat the various yogurts, and fail to take the pills, it is a little more difficult. And if I don’t eat my yogurts or take my pills, I have to use the lubricating drops. It absolutely works 100% of the time. Again, at dinnertime or an hour after dinnertime (about 3 to 4 hours before time to remove the contacts) take 2 tablets of Trader Joe’s “Acidophilus and Probiotics”, or a comparable good quality broad spectrum probiotic that has several different types of bacterium. The TJ’s brand has 4 billion per capsule. TJ also has a SuperAcidophilus that contains 10 million, with a similar group of bacterium. Please let me know if this works for you…you should see a difference in a few days.


Flax seed oil

2-11-2009 UPDATE: I’m doing fine! I have had very few dry eye symptoms for years. I found that two tablespoons of Barleans Flax seed oil (refrigerated kind) fixes the problem for me. It takes about 3 days before the anti-inflamatory action of the flax seed oil kicks in. There are many different causes of dry eyes, but this is what worked for me. Because flax tastes bad, I put it in a shake each morning: 3 grams of good powdered vitamin C, frozen blueberries, protein powder, two bananas, some green tea extract, and a few other goodies (all organic so you don’t get pesticide residue problems). Also, I reduced my computer eye strain by getting some computer glasses that are a weaker perscription than my normal walking around and driving glasses. Dry eye problems may actually be caused by an eyelash parasite called Demodex


What you read below is very much about a cure for dry-eye

Anonymous said…

In the summer of 2000, I had a really bad case of Conjuntivitis. The doctor prescribed TobraDex (a steroid drop) because my eye was so swollen. After a week of TobraDex, I saw an explosion of floaters inside the infected eye. My eye doctor dialated my eye, but could not see a cause for the floaters. I also had pain in what felt like the back of my eye ball, and was told I had dry eye syndrome in that one eye… a condition that I did not have before. (Note: I only used TobraDex in the infected eye even though I was told to use it in both eyes.) Unfortunately, the pain, inflammation, and dry eye never went away.
For seven years I have been dealing with dry eye in that one eye only. No doctor will confirm that, yes, the steroid drops caused permant dry eye, but I believe that it did in my case. In fact, I believe some damage was done somewhere in or around my eye, as I still have localized pain in the back of my eye. HOWEVER, I think after all this time, I may have found some relief. I tried Restasis for 6 full months, but that really had little if any effect. (And you probably have guessed that I won’t try steroid drops!) I had a plug inserted in the dry eye, and to my surprise, it had little effect as well. I’ve been taking fish oil, with some sucess, but I still had really bad “dry eye days”. About 3 weeks ago, I started taking Turmeric (450 mg – twice a day) and I have not had a bad dry eye day since! So I’m hopeful that I won’t…
Thanks for letting me share. (Sorry it’s so long!)
For more information and natural remedies for dry-eye and belpharities, visit part 2 of this web-page
Click here for part 2

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